Prices will be charged by the hour for the first 2 months and then we will switch over to a fixed rate. Most clients fall between $200-$500 per month. Pricing depends upon:

  • How many transactions are there a month?

  • How many bank/credit cards and loans are there?

  • Do you need payroll done?

  • How many properties do you have?


Here is what you can expect from me as your bookkeeper:

  • Timely & reliable financial information

  • Unlimited email support 

  • Improved efficiency           

  • Accurate books

  • All accounts reconciled each month



Personal Financial Coach

3 month program

The initial investment is $225.00 for 2 hours

This session consist of gathering all financial information, reviewing them and to set financial goals. You will be right on your way to starting the journey towards reaching your financial goal. 

3 month investment - $200/month

Here is what I will be doing for you:

  • Create a spending plan based on your goals and values

  • Assess progress and provide recommendations

  • Monitor progress, provide support and accountability

  • Unlimited email support

  • Check in calls

  • Take your finances to the next level


T: 317-694-9122

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